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I was born and raised in New York, but now call Tokyo home. New York was my small town. I didn’t know that other cities didn’t have similar arrays of museums, restaurants and vibrant fashion, financial and artistic communities.

My coterie was comprised of graphic designers, fashion designers, writers and editors, and we often got together over lunch and dinner. The talents and products of the ever-changing roster of top chefs in New York mirrored and enhanced the vitality we enjoyed in our professional lives.

Tokyo is my big city. I love the incredible culture, the markets, the restaurants and the people. I’d been a busy graphic designer back in New York, but now in Tokyo, I wanted to recreate a little bit of New York that I missed, so I built Martiniburger. Now we’re home to many of Tokyo’s creative community—magazine writers, photographers, developers, actors and musicians—and we’re pleased to serve them.

The food at Martiniburger is simple and good. Martiniburger is serious about service, quality and hospitality. Our delicious burgers are made by hand from 100-percent beef, our buns are baked fresh and all sauces and sides are made in house. Made from the best ingredients, served with a smile, as you like it. Nothing scripted. Genuine.

The interior is spacious and uncluttered, modern and sophisticated. The music is eclectic—Miles Davis to Moby, Frank Sinatra to Fall Out Boy. You can enjoy a leisurely meal or just chat over cocktails or coffee.

In addition to our regular family, we also entertain visitors from all over the world—from San Francisco to South Africa. I’m proud to have been able to introduce a bit of real New York to Tokyo, and the team and I hope we can bring our type of quality and hospitality to more and more guests as we expand in the near future.

—Eliot Bergman, Founder

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